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70 Examples of Business Equipment

Business equipment, also known as capital equipment, is any durable and tangible item of significant cost that is expected to generate future value for a business. This can be contrast with business supplies that are consumable, non-durable or low value items that are viewed as expenses as opposed to investments in a business. The following are common examples of business equipment.
Air Purifiers
Air Tools & Compressors
Audio Systems
Bathroom Fixtures
Battery Systems
Carts, Trolleys & Dollies
Coffee Machines
Commercial Doors
Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Commercial Lighting
Commercial Washers & Dryers
Communication Devices
Computers & Tablets
Construction Equipment
Crafting Tools
Data Storage
Fabrication Equipment
Farming Equipment
Fishing Gear
Food Processing Equipment
Food Service Equipment
Gardening Supplies
Hand Tools
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Heavy-duty Vehicles
Irrigation Systems
Janitorial Equipment
Lab Equipment
Ladders & Scaffolding
Machine Tools
Manufacturing Equipment
Measurement, Testing & Calibration
Media Production Equipment
Mobile Devices
Money Counters
Musical Instruments
Networking Devices
Office Decor
Office Fixtures
Office Furniture
Payment Systems
Point of Sale Systems
Printers & 3D Printers
Racks & Shelving
Retail Store Fixtures
Safety Gear
Science Instruments
Security Systems
Sewing Machines
Ships & Boats
Signs & Displays
Solar Panels
Vacuum Cleaners
Vending Machines
Video Conferencing Equipment
Video Equipment
Waste & Recycling Equipment
Water / Beverage Dispensers
Weights & Measures
The cost of capital business equipment is deprecated over time as opposed to immediately expensed.
Businesses set a capitalization limit that decides whether a purchase is large enough to be considered capital. For example, a tool that costs less than $500 might be expensed as a supply.
In order to be considered business equipment, an item must be required for your business. For example, a musician who requires musical instruments for their work.


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