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30 Examples of Media Responsibility

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Media responsibility is the level of care and diligence that can be expected of those who publish to an audience. This includes diligence such as fact-checking and clearly separating opinion from fact. Media responsibility also considers the real world impact of media such as the damage that could occur from publishing unconfirmed claims. The following are common examples of media responsibility.
Verifying sources
Correcting errors
Not spreading false information and rumors
Providing context
Avoiding plagiarism
Accurate headlines
Distinguishing between news and opinion
Disclosing conflicts of interest
Disclosing ownership and funding
Challenging assumptions
Avoiding bias
Giving individuals the right to reply
Balanced reporting
Avoiding sensationalism
Respecting privacy
Avoiding profiling or stereotyping
Not dumbing down complex issues
Accepting feedback
Publishing editorial guidelines
Setting high ethical standards for reporting
Covering important topics
Covering diverse topics
Not overfocusing on a small set of issues
Respectful treatment of sensitive topics
Respectful treatment of people
Not jumping to conclusions
Accepting accountability
Referring to authoritative sources
Media responsibility is proportional to the size of your audience, the seriousness of your content and standards of your industry. For example, a news agency covering an international conflict has far more responsibility than a podcaster talking about their day.


Media responsibility is the level of diligence, objectivity, transparency and fairness that can be expected of a media institution, organization, representative or personality.
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