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20 Examples Of Assets

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An asset is a tangible or intangible resource that has economic value. The following are common examples.

Cash & Equivalents

Cash and liquid securities such as bank drafts.


Deposits with financial institutions.


Investments such as marketable securities.

Precious Metals

Investment grade metals such as gold bullion and silver bullion.

Art & Collectibles

Works of art and collectables such as antiques.

Accounts Receivable

Money owned to you by customers that is likely to be paid.

Taxes Receivable

Expected tax refunds and credits.


Finished goods that you have in stock.

Parts & Supplies

Unfinished inventories such as the materials, parts and components stocked by a factory.

Real Estate

Buildings, property and improvements to property such as landscaping.


Infrastructure such as roads or solar panels.


Machinery such as construction equipment.


Tools of a trade.

Furniture & Fixtures

Furniture and interior design elements.

Transportation Equipment

Vehicles, ships, aircraft, trains and related equipment.


Computer hardware & software.

Intellectual Property

Trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.


The value of your brands.


A premium over book value that you paid when acquiring another company. Typically represents the value of brands and intellectual property that you have acquired.


Rights such as business licenses or resource rights.
Overview: Assets
A tangible or intangible resource that has economic value.
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