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Types of Asset

10 Examples of Asset Tracking

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Asset tracking is the practice of tracking the current and historical location of assets. This is often required for processes such as asset management, inventory management, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, security and shrinkage reduction. The following are common types of asset tracking.

Asset Inventory

A database or spreadsheet that includes the known location of assets. This may or may not integrate with a tracking technology such as an rfid.


Barcodes such as a QR code that can be scanned as part of a process such as inventory.

Passive RFID

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) are small tags that include a radio receiver and transmitter. They are powered by readers themselves but can only be read from a few meters away.

Active RFID

Active rfid have their own power source such that they can transmit up to a mile or thereabouts.


Near-field communication (NFC) is a type of rfid that can only transmit a few centimeters such that assets are tapped with a reader to read a tracking identifier. In some cases, the short transmission distance of NFC is preferable due to security considerations.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard used for exchanging data between devices. This can be used for asset tracking as the location of a bluetooth signal can be estimated with algorithms.

Wifi Positioning System

Wifi-based systems for tracking the location of things indoors using information such as the intensity of the received wifi signal.

IoT Tracking

Tags that connect to the internet to report status and location information to a cloud platform. This connection can be based on mobile networks such as 5g, satellite networks or wifi.


IoT tracking typically reports the location of an asset using a global positioning system (GPS).

Personal Asset Tracking

It is common for consumers to use IoT tracking devices and services. For example, an app that will find a lost mobile phone using GPS, mobile networks and a cloud service.


The same technologies that are used to track assets can also be used to track people such that they have privacy implications. For example, bluetooth positioning systems may allow a retailer to track customers in their store.
Overview: Asset Tracking
The practice of tracking the current and historical location of assets.
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