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A family business is a business that is directed and controlled by multiple generations of a family. This term is associated with small businesses such as farms, small shops and restaurants that are passed to multiple generations. However, on a global basis 30% of firms with sales over $1 billion are family businesses. The following is a list of common family businesses with a focus on small business.
Advertising (e.g. Creative services for local advertisements)
Agents (e.g. Real Estate Agency)
Antiques & Collectables
App Development
Asset Management
Automotive (e.g. Repair and Customization)
Brokers (e.g. Insurance Broker)
Business Services (e.g. Consulting)
Cake Shop
Child Care
Cleaning Services
Consumer Products
Cottage Industry
Craft Production
Creative Services (e.g. Graphic Design)
Diy Shops & Cafes
Education & Training
Environmental Remediation
Event Planning
Event Services
Facilities (e.g. Banquet Hall)
Fashion (e.g. Tailor)
Food Products
Food Services (e.g. Catering)
Game Development
Health & Beauty (e.g. Barber)
Hotels & Lodging
Import / Export
Information Technology
Installation Services
Leasing (e.g. Musical Instrument Leasing)
Maintenance Services
Marketing Services (e.g. Event Promotion)
Media (e.g. Podcast)
Mobile Vendor
Niche Brand
Nightlife (e.g. Bars & Pubs)
One Stop Shop (e.g. Convenience Store)
Pet Services
Plant Nursery
Product Customization
Professional Services (e.g. Architectural Firm)
Property Management
Real Estate (e.g. Apartment Rentals)
Recruiting & Staffing
Recycling & Reuse
Rentals (e.g. bicycle rental)
Repair Shop
Retail Shop
Second Hand Retail (e.g. Selling Used Boats)
Shipping & Delivery
Software Services
Sports & Recreation (e.g. Sports Club)
Storage Services
Street Vendor
Trades & Renovation
Transportation Services (e.g. Trucking Company)
Travel & Tourism (e.g. Boat Tours)
Vacation Rentals
Value Added Reseller
A niche brand is a product or service that meets a relatively unique customer need. For example, a brand of sunscreen that is completely natural, plastic free and environmentally friendly that appeals to consumers with a particular set of ethics and preferences.
Cottage industry is production at small scale. For example, a farmer who bakes 20,000 pies each year in a commercial oven to diversify their income.
A value added reseller adds something to the products or services of a third party. For example, providing support for open-source software products.


Family businesses represent 80 percent of all firms in the US, 85 percent in the European Union, 90 percent in the Middle East and 99 percent in Japan.
Japan has an odd tradition of adoption for the purposes of continuation of a family business whereby adult managers in a business are adopted by business owners.
Family wealth that is passed from generation to generation, known as old money, represents a high portion of total global wealth. As such, families are arguably more influential institutions than businesses themselves.


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