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What is the Crash Of Ineptitude?

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The crash of ineptitude is a failure, often described as a near-death experience, that commonly occurs in the early days of a new initiative such as a startup company.


New initiatives typically begin in enthusiasm, followed by a long period of hard work with little results known as the trough of sorrow. A crash of ineptitude is a low point in the trough of sorrow such as a failed product launch. This experience commonly results in learnings that hold the key to an initiative's ultimate success. It is also possible for the crash of ineptitude to reveal that a strategy is completely flawed.
The process of surviving a crash of ineptitude is often described as a simplification of strategy whereby a product is stripped down to its bare essential value.
Overview: Crash Of Ineptitude
A painful failure that commonly occurs in the early days of a new initiative such as a startup company.
Results in a refined strategy or the realization that strategy is hopelessly flawed.
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Paul Graham
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