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31 Types of Target Market

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A target market are the customers that a firm plans to reach with marketing efforts. Customers have different needs and respond to different messages. As such, target market has implications for brand identity, product development, design, customer experience, promotion, pricing and distribution. The following are common types of target market.
Affinities – things the customer likes e.g. animals
Age Group
Business Customers
Buying Behavior
Channel Preferences – e.g. prefers to buy online
Concern for Social Issues
Customer Expectations
Customer Needs
Customer Perceptions
Customer Preferences – e.g. preference for minimalist design
Environmental Consciousness
Family Status
Hobbies & Interests
Household Type
Income Level
Ownership – e.g. homeowners
Parental Status
Personality Traits
Price Sensitivity
Product Usage – e.g. backcountry snowboards
Profession or Occupation
Psychographics – how customers think
Purchase Frequency
Shopping Habits
Social Class
Technically speaking, a target market is who you would like to sell to and a target audience is who you would like to reach with a message such as an advertisement.
It is possible and indeed common to have multiple target markets for the same product. For example, a foam shield that is sold as a toy for children and as a prop for cosplayers.
Business customers can also be targeted with factors such as industry, revenue level, number of employees, operational characteristics and so forth. These factors are known as a firmographic.
The following are guides that specifically relate to selecting a target market.
Conspicuous Conservation
Conspicuous Consumption
Geographic Segmentation
Local Marketing
Market Sizing
Mass Marketing
Niche Market
Price Sensitivity
Target Market
Total Addressable Market
Vertical Market
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