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32 Components of a Business Plan

 , July 24, 2015 updated on February 22, 2023
A business plan is a formal proposal to launch a business or invest in an existing business. These typically include a schedule, plan and budget along with an analysis of finances, customers, markets, competition and risks. The following are common components of a business plan.
1. Executive Summary
2. Business Description
3. Mission & Vision Statements
4. Business Goals & Objectives
5. Company Overview
6. Legal Structure of Company
7. Industry Analysis
8. Market Analysis
9. Competitive Analysis
10. Target Market
11. Marketing Strategy
12. Branding Strategy
13. Description of Products & Services
14. Intellectual Property Rights
15. Management Team
16. Org Chart
17. Human Resource Plan
18. Business Operations Plan
19. Financial Plan
20. Start-up Costs
21. Funding Requirements
22. Sources of Funding
23. Use of Funding
24. Sales Forecasts
25. Projected Profit & Loss
26. Projected Cash Flow
27. Projected Balance Sheet
28. Break-Even Analysis
29. Return on Investment
30. Keys to Success
31. Risks
32. Exit Strategy

Business Plans

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