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54 Examples of the Farming Industry

The farming industry is a series of business models related to the production of food and other agricultural products such as cotton. This includes farms and related businesses such as farmers markets and agritourism. The farming industry also includes large biotechnology and agricultural machinery companies and any other firms that primarily do business with farms such as farming insurance or farm finance. The following are examples of the farming industry.
Agricultural biotechnology and genetic engineering
Agricultural cooperatives
Agricultural education and training
Agricultural insurance
Agricultural marketing and trade
Agricultural research and development
Agricultural robotics
Agricultural technology
Agricultural vehicles and machines
Agricultural waste management
Alpaca farming
Aquaponic farming
Artisanal crops
Carbon sequestration agriculture
Cattle ranching
Crop farming
Dairy farming
Farm financing
Farmers markets
Fertilizer production
Fish farming
Free range farming
Goat farming
Greenhouse farming
Hydroponic farming
Intensive farming
Irrigation systems
Livestock farming
Mariculture - aquaculture in the open ocean
Mushroom farming
Organic farming
Ostrich farming
Pasture farming
Pesticide production & agricultural chemicals
Pig farming
Plant nurseries
Poultry farming
Precision agriculture
Seed production
Sericulture - silkworm farming
Sheep farming
Silkworm farming
Terrace farming
Vertical farming
Veterinary medicine
Yak farming


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