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11 Examples of Ingredient Branding

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Ingredient branding is the use of branding techniques to market the things that go into a product as opposed to products themselves. The following are common examples of ingredient branding.

Agricultural Products

A brand of organic olive oil is prominently displayed as an ingredient on a bag of potato chips.


Sunglasses made with a brand of metal alloy.


A brand name of an artificial sweetener is advertised on food labels.


A bank card lists branded payment systems that the card supports.


A brand of operating system installed on a mobile device.


A game system lists a popular brand of graphics processing unit that is known for its performance.

Components & Options

A model of car is available with a popular brand of speakers factory installed.

Standards & Certifications

A brand of organic cosmetics lists product and ingredient certifications related to sustainability, quality and ethics.

Product in a Product

A brand of ice cream contains chunks of a popular chocolate bar.


A child safety seat features a patented docking system that parents find easy to use.


An ecommerce site advertises that they always use a particular delivery service that has a prominent brand name.
Overview: Ingredient Branding
A product or service that communicates a brand that is used by the product as an ingredient, component, system or method.
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