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50 Examples of Professional Improvement

Professional improvement are things that a professional can do to increase their performance. These include shortfalls in performance that may be listed as opportunities for improvement on a performance review. Professional improvement can also include growth areas that an employee or their manager identify that represent true opportunities to improve career prospects. The following are common examples of professional improvement.
Gaining public speaking experience.
Managing commitments to earn higher value work assignments.
Increasing your visibility with your organization.
Taking on more of a leadership / management role.
Improving a technical skill.
Acquiring new creative talents such as design thinking.
Mastering create talents such as visual communication.
Finding ways to be more productive and make better use of time.
Listening and building upon the ideas of others.
Pursuing higher levels of cooperation and collaboration with others.
Learning about your industry.
Developing and sustaining industry relationships.
Building credibility with internal stakeholders or customers.
Increasing work throughput.
Increasing work quality.
Learning to thrive in difficult customer service situations.
Increasing your capabilities in your profession e.g. software developer who begins to architect projects.
Increased diligence such as preparing agendas for meetings.
Closing sales and generating revenue.
Solving problems to be viewed as the go-to-person for issues.
Conducting research and experiments to improve strategies, plans, designs and decisions.
Identify new revenue opportunities.
Pitch ideas for business improvement with persistence and resolve.
Deliver to commitments to earn trust and credibility.
Develop standards, processes and practices for your team / organization.
Take on high value work that others avoid.
Develop a strong work ethic.
Identify valuable efficiencies and cost reductions.
Become more open to criticism.
Be honest and candid with yourself.
Truly believe in what you're doing.
Develop a drive to win.
Try to adopt an abundance attitude whereby the successes of others don't diminish your success.
Trust those around you and build them up.
Adopt a genuine interest in others.
Develop a strong sense of curiosity and interest in your business and industry.
Try hard to make reasonable decisions / set reasonable directions.
Make decisions in the face of uncertainty and change.
Provide a sense of certainty to others in an uncertain world.
Develop awareness around how you impact others and how you are perceived.
Learning to handle intensive/stressful office politics.
Developing general grit and resilience.
Being polite, respectful and charming e.g. remembering/using people's names.
Increasing your capacity for self-control e.g. easily overcoming procrastination to do what needs to be done.
Getting good at perceiving social situations such as rivalries between people.
Reading the emotion behind what people say.
The ability not to obsess / worry about things that are beyond your control.
Getting good at troubleshooting and quickly resolving technical problems.
Improving pitches to clients, management and business units.
Trying to appreciate the different approaches and perspectives others bring to the table.

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