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 , November 22, 2021
Small business is any risk-taking and profit-seeking pursuit with less than 50 employees. These are a massive force that are collectively larger than big business. It is estimated that small businesses generate 50% of global GDP and provide 70% of employment. Nevertheless, it is difficult to compete with larger firms such that small businesses rely on business models that leverage strengths such as creativity, relationships and local knowledge. It is also common for small businesses to serve niche customer needs that are underserved by larger firms. The following are common examples of small businesses.
Activities (e.g. yoga classes)
Adaptive Reuse (e.g. converting factory into loft apartments)
Adventure / Niche Travel Services
Advertising Agency / Services
Artist / Art Gallery
Automotive Customization
Bed & Breakfast
Brokers (e.g. insurance broker)
Business Consulting
Business Outsourcing
Business Services
Business Training
Cakes / Pastry Shops
Candy Products
Concessions (e.g. airport gift shop)
Conferences & Events
Construction Services
Contractor (trades such as carpenters)
Convenience Stores
Cosmetic Products
Craft Beverages
Craft Supplies
Creative Management (e.g. music management)
Creative Reuse (e.g. repair cafe)
Customer Support Services
Dance Schools / Studios
Data Entry / Data Analysis
Daycare / Childcare Services
Delivery Services
Dry Cleaners
Ecommerce Retailer
Environmental Remediation
Environmentally Friendly Products / Good Business
Equipment Rentals
Event Management / Production
Event Planning
Event Services
Event Vendors
Event Venues
Farmers Markets
Fashion Brand
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Film Production Services
Food & Beverage Tourism
Food Products
Food Retail (e.g. vegetable shop)
Food Trucks
Footwear Brand
Freelance Design
Freelance IT
Freelance Writing
Furniture Craftsperson Gardening
Haircare / Beauty Services
Handmade Products
Health Food
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Home Improvement Services
Home Inspector
Home Staging
Homebuilding / Renovation
IT Consulting
Ice Cream Shop
Import / Export
Jewelry Making
Junk Removal
Lawn Care Services
Legal Services
Liquidation Goods
Maintenance Services
Marketing Services
Massage Therapist
Media Services
Mobile Apps
Moving Company
Music Industry
Music Schools / Lessons
One Stop Shop
Personal Services
Personal Trainer
Pet Services
Pop-up Shops
Private Schools
Product Customization
Professional Services
Professional Speaking
Professional Training
Property Management Services
Publicity Agency
Pubs / Nightclubs
Real Estate Agency
Recreational Facilities
Recruiting Services
Repair Services
Secondhand Goods / Auctions
Senior Care Services
Sewing & Alteration
Social Media Marketing & Management
Software Development
Solar Energy Installation, Maintenance & Repair
Speciality, Niche and Boutique Retail
Sports Brands
Staffing Services
Store Within a Store
Street Vendors
Subscription Boxes
Sustainable Building Retrofits
Systems Integrator
Talent Agent
Tax Preparation, Accounting, Bookkeeping
Technology Services
Technology Support
Technology Training
Thrift Stores
Tour Operator
Tourist Attractions
Toy Products
Translation Services
Transportation Rentals (e.g. Bicycle Rentals)
Vacation Rentals
Value Added Reseller
Vehicle & Equipment Trading
Vending Machines
Vintage Items
Woodworking Products
Deconstruction is the process of salvaging value from a building that is about to be demolished. For example, removing doors and other valuable items and materials and selling them.
Fast moving consumer goods are supplies that consumers regularly repurchase such as food, toiletries and stationery. For example, a niche brand of organic tea.
Systems integrator is a type of consulting that specializes in getting different technologies to work together as one. For example, building a connector that allows one cloud service to feed into another cloud service.
Upcycling is the process of reusing things by creating things of greater value. For example, building walls with old bottles.

Small Business

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Small firms: Little engines that could save the global economy, Azhar Sukri, Aljazeera, Jan 1, 2021.

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