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44 Examples of Professional Services

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Professional services are services that produce most of their value from the knowledge, expertise and talent of a professional. These are generally low capital businesses that produce value with skilled human work. Professional services can be offered by freelancers, small business or large firms. This is a rare industry where large and small firms may directly complete. The following are common examples of professional services.
Audit services
Bookkeeping services
Compliance consulting
Cybersecurity consulting
Design services
Engineering services
Environmental consulting
Estate planning services
Film production services
Film visual and special effects
Financial advisors
Graphic design
Health and safety consulting
IT consulting
Immigration services
Inspection services
Insurance brokers
Interior design
Land surveyors
Law firms and legal services
Management consulting
Marketing services
Media production services
Mortgage brokers
Project management services
Public relations services
Quality assurance services
Real estate agents
Sales services
Structural engineering
Talent agents
Tax consulting and preparation
Telehealth services
Writing and screenwriting services
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