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60 Examples of Service Quality

Service quality is the value of a service to customers. This includes tangibles such as the food at a restaurant and intangibles such as friendly and professional staff. The following are common examples of service quality.
Alignment to Culture & Tradition
Answering Customer Questions Well
Avoiding Information Overload (e.g. incomprehensible instructions)
Background Unpleasantries - things such as security are nonobvious / unobtrusive
Billing Accuracy / Clarity
Bliss Point - the exact right amount of things
Building / Sustaining Relationships
Building Rapport
Clear / Fair Terms of Service
Complaint Handling
Complimentary Items (e.g. newspaper at hotel)
Customer Advocacy - customer complaints feed into service improvement
Customer is Always Right
Customer's Are Asked For Feedback
Diligent Service
Feature Fit - lack of annoying/useless features
Friendly Service
Incident / Problem Resolution
Inclusive & Accessible Environments
Knowledgeable Service
Meeting Commitments
Not Corralling Customers (e.g. telling them where to stand)
Not Pressuring Customers
Not Rushing Customers
On-time Performance
Personal Attention
Personalization / Customization
Polite Service
Positive Attitude / Empathy
Professional / Timely Communication
Professional Language
Professional Service
Refined / Luxurious Interiors
Regulatory Compliance
Request Turnaround Time
Respecting Customer Intelligence - not explaining obvious things
Respecting Privacy / Space
Safe Environments
Secure Environments
Self-Service Options & Usability
Service Flexibility
Service Functions - the service does useful stuff
Service Recovery / Apologies
Service Refinement
Service Tone
Solving Customer Problems
Spacious Interiors (e.g. hotel)
Standards Compliance
Taking Customers At Their Word
Tangible Quality (e.g. food quality)
Timely Service
Transparency / Candor
User Interfaces & Usability
Service tone is the general feeling produced by a service. For example, a restaurant that is professional & reserved versus a restaurant that is casual & friendly. Both of these examples could be high quality if they are perceived as such by customers.
Bliss point refers to the right amount of things. For example, a cake that is the perfect size or a waiter who gives you just the right amount of attention.
Service quality is measured by asking customers for feedback / ratings. This produces metrics such as customer satisfaction.

Service Quality

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