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36 Examples of the Video Game Industry

The video game industry is the economic activity surrounding video games and related media, events and merchandise. This includes firms that directly produce games and the contractors that supply these firms with business services and consulting. The video game industry also includes anyone who makes a living related to video games such as a podcast about video games or organizer of industry events. The following are examples of the video game industry.
Augmented reality
Browser games
Commercial art for games
Console gaming
Educational games
Game analytics
Game and game system manufacturing
Game character licensing
Game collectibles
Game design
Game development
Game distribution
Game engines and platforms
Game localization
Game marketing
Game merchandise
Game publishing
Game related theme parks
Game retailing
Game streaming services
Game testing
Game trailer production
Game writing
Gaming journalism
Gaming related hardware such as video cards
Mobile gaming
PC gaming
Video game animation
Video game art
Video game events, competitions and conferences
Video game music
Video game sound design
Virtual reality
Visual effects artists (VFX)
Voice acting for games

Media Industry

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