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64 Examples of Personal Services

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Personal services are services that meet the needs of individual customers. This is associated with completely personalized offerings that are tailored to each person. Personal services may be delivered from the customers home or a service location such as a spa, office or shop. The following are common personal services.
Beauty salons
Bridal beauty services
Career counseling
Chauffeur services
Childcare services
Children’s party planners
Concierge services
Dog walking
Doulas & midwives
Elder companions
Elderly care
Event planning
Financial planning
Fitness training
Gardening services
Hair stylists
Home cleaning
Home organization
Home security services
Homeschool teacher
Interior design
Language lessons
Lawn care
Life coaching
Makeup services
Manicures & pedicures
Martial arts
Massage therapy
Meal deliveries
Meditation sessions
Music lessons
Nail art
Dietitians & nutritionists
Personal assistant
Personal chef
Personal shopping
Personal training
Pet grooming
Pet sitting
Photographers & videographers
Private nursing services
Sewing & alterations
Skincare treatments
Tailoring services
Tax preparation services
Tech support
Travel agents
Virtual assistants
Wardrobe stylists
Waxing & hair removal
Wedding planning
Wellness classes
Yoga instruction
The term personal service suggests high touch services that are labor intensive and often capital light. However, in some cases mobile apps and other personalized technology can be viewed as a personal service.
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