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40 Examples of the Sports Industry

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The sports industry is a large industry based on sports entertainment, media, activities and sporting goods. This industry hosts businesses large and small from large sports leagues and media companies all the way down to small local businesses such as sports bars. The sports industry overlaps with the entertainment, culture, consumer goods and hospitality industries. The following are common examples of the sports industry.
Sports leagues
Sports teams
Sports media
Sports live streaming
Sports broadcasting
Sports journalism
Sporting equipment
Sports apparel
Sports footwear
Sports nutrition
Sports beverages
Recreational facilities
Sports training
Sports event planning
Sports marketing
Sports sponsorship and advertising
Athlete endorsement agencies
Sports merchandise
Collectibles and memorabilia
Sports bars
Sports travel
Sports insurance
Sports retail
Sports ecommerce
Sports tickets
Mobile apps related to sports
Sports technology
Sports facility design and construction
Sports agents
Sports consulting
Sports photography
Sports publishing such as magazines
Sports concessions
Personal training
Sports camps
Sports activities
Sports health and injury rehabilitation
Sports equipment rentals
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