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60 Examples of Media Services

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Media services are businesses that offer media to consumers or services for creating, distributing, managing and monetizing media. These include consumer and business technologies and creative services such as design. The following are common media services.
Streaming media
Streaming music
Live streaming
Podcasting platforms
Social media
Blog platforms
Traditional media such as television
Photo sharing communities
Vlogging platforms
News agencies
Traditional newspapers
Digital journalism
Print media
Radio broadcasts
Movie theaters
Event promotion
Performing arts
Art galleries
Video games
Video game streaming platforms
Media storage services
Video conferencing
Collaboration tools
Mobile apps
Virtual reality platforms
Augmented reality platforms
Virtual events and webinars
Email services
Messaging apps
Digital advertising
Digital marketing
Media production platforms
Illustration software
Photo editing tools
Graphic design tools
Video editing platforms
Motion graphics tools
Visual effects platforms
Music production platforms
Music studios
Content management platforms
Content curation tools
Content delivery networks
Edge computing services
Digital distribution platforms
Media processing and encoding services
Translation and localization services
Voiceover services
Media asset management
Media consulting
Design services
Advertising agencies
Marketing services
Promotion services
Writing and scriptwriting
Film production services
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