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50 Examples of Entertainment Services

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Entertainment services are services that people find fun, relaxing or thrilling such that they are viewed as leisure. This includes diverse pursuits such as movies, travel activities, arts, cultural events, sports, digital experiences and real-world facilities that provide recreation or passive entertainment. Entertainment services also include services that support the entertainment industry such as rentals for film productions. The following are common examples of entertainment services.
Amusement rental services
Art museums & galleries
Bowling alleys
Broadway musicals
Children's entertainment centers
Classes & workshops
Comedy clubs
Cosplay events
Cruise ships
Cultural events
Dance studios
Dinner theater
DJ Services
Escape rooms
Event planning
Event ticketing services
Fairs & carnivals
Film production services
Fireworks displays
Golf courses
Historical reenactments
Ice skating rinks
Magic shows
Movie theaters
Nightclubs & bars
Outdoor adventure tours
Performance theaters
Photograph sharing services
Recreative facilities
Resort hotels
Social media
Sporting events
Streaming services
Street performances
Theme parks
Tourist attractions
Tours & activities
Travel excursions
Video games
Video sharing services
Virtual reality services
Water parks
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