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86 Examples of Retail

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Retail is a business model that sells small quantities of goods and services to consumers for their personal or household consumption. This includes retail that sells from a physical shop, an ecommerce shop or both. Retail can sell physical products such as groceries and services such as dry cleaning. The following are common examples of retail.
Antique shops
Art supplies
Baby stores
Bath & body
Bathing suits
Beauty & cosmetics
Bed retailers
Bike shops
Boats & marine supply
Brand shops
Bridal shops
Butcher shops
Cake shops
Candy stores
Clothing retailers
Coffee stores
Coins & stamps
Comic book shops
Convenience stores
Costume shops
Craft stores
Department stores
Discount stores
Dollar stores
Dry cleaners
Electronics shops
Ethnic grocery stores
Event vendors
Farmers' markets
Fish markets
Fishing shops
Formal wear retailers
Fruit shops
Furniture stores
Garden centers
Gift shops
Glasses & opticians
Golf shops
Gourmet food
Grocery stores
Health & wellness
Hobby shops
Home decor
Home improvement centers
Ice cream shops
Jewelry shops
Lingerie shops
Luggage stores
Maternity stores
Mobile devices & gadgets
Music instrument shops
Music stores
Natural food stores
Outdoor equipment
Outlet shops
Party supplies
Pet stores
Popup shops
Rental shops
Repair shops
Seasonal shops
Second hand books
Second hand clothes
Shoe stores
Ski & snowboards
Soap stores
Sports stores
Stationery shops
Surf shops
Tea shops
Thrift stores
Toy stores
Uniform retailers
Vending machines
Video games
Vintage & retro clothing
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