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31 Examples of Retail Services

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Retail services are businesses that sell intangible value directly to consumers. This tends to be associated with physical shops but can also extend to ecommerce sales. Retail services can be contrasted with retail that sells physical products such as a grocery store. The following are common examples of retail services.
Bike rentals
Car rentals
Cooking schools
Dance studios
Dry cleaning
Equipment rentals
Event ticketing
Fast food
Fitness centers
Hair salons
Language schools
Locksmith services
Martial arts schools
Music schools
Nail salons
Pet grooming
Pet hotels
Printing & business services
Repair shops
Reuse cafes
Take-out food
Tanning salons
Tattoo and piercing studios
Yoga studios
It is common for businesses to belong to multiple industries. For example, a restaurant can be viewed as part of the services, retail services, hospitality and food industries.
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