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30 Examples of Revenue Impact

Revenue impact is the effect of a change or event on your revenue. This includes the sales impact of negative events and changes such as a service outage or a downgrade in product quality. The following are common negative revenue impacts followed by a list of positive impacts.

Reputational Issues

Lost revenue due to reputational and brand image issues.

Quality Issues

Revenue impact of low quality such as poor reviews that cause low sales.

Customer Impact

The impact of a poor customer experience such as requiring customers to migrate to a new version of your service.

Pricing Impact

The impact of higher prices on demand and customer churn.


Lost sales due to downtime of a service, location or facility.


Lost sales or damaged reputation due to incidents such as a cybersecurity incident.

Failures and Low Performance

The impact of low performance such as a high rate of stock-outs that indicates poor inventory management.

Business Disruption

The impact of major business disruptions such as political instability.

Supply Chain Disruptions

The revenue impact of supply chain issues.

Market Change

The impact of increased competition such as a price war.

Technological Change

Technological change that influences demand for your products.

Cost Impact

The impact of higher costs that you may have to pass to customers.

Change Change

Changing customer perceptions, needs and attitudes can be revenue impacting.

Social Change

The impact of social change such as demographics or social issues related to your business.

Regulatory Impact

The impact of new regulations or compliance issues.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The revenue impact of major structural changes to an organization.


The revenue impact of strategies such as retrenchment that can include a large decline in revenue.

Positive Impacts

The term revenue impact can also refer to a positive outcome of a change such as a performance, quality or customer service improvement. The following are common improvements that are typically recognized as having a positive revenue impact.
Generating increased demand.
Improving ratings, reviews and customer satisfaction.
Improving conversion rates.
Increasing your sales win rate.
Reducing customer churn.
Increasing customer loyalty.
Reducing returns and complaints.
Increasing brand recognition and awareness.
Improving reputation and brand image.
Gaining market share.
Business expansion such as new locations.
Business performance such as a low stock-out rate
External factors such as the failure of a competitor
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