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5 Steps of the Problem Management Process

The problem management process is a repeated series of steps that address the root cause of a problem. This compliments incident management that contains a problem and addresses its urgent symptoms. The following are the basic steps of the problem management process.
Detection → Prioritization → Problem Analysis → Problem Resolution → Closure


The process of detecting a problem. This can include automation and channels that allow stakeholders to submit problems. The incident management process provides the initial management of problems and often results in the opening of a problem management ticket.


High impact or high risk problems are addressed first and low impact problems may never be prioritized. This is healthy as a productive organization may not waste resources on minor issues.

Problem Analysis

Problem analysis begins with root cause analysis whereby you seek out the fundamental cause of a problem. With the root cause identified, you can proceed to troubleshooting and the design of a solution.

Problem Resolution

Implementing and testing a solution to the problem.


The process of closing a problem, often including a workflow that asks stakeholders to confirm the problem is resolved.

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