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20 Examples of Impact Analysis

Impact analysis is the systematic evaluation of the impact of a change or anticipated negative event. Although changes and events can be positive, impact analysis is oriented towards unintended negative impacts. The output of impact analysis includes estimates of various types of impact. Impact analysis can also offer mitigation strategies and consider alternatives to changes and contingency scenarios.

Stakeholder Identification

Identify stakeholders who will be asked to help identify impact.

Impact Identification

Brainstorm and assess potential impacts.

Risk Identification & Analysis

Identify and assess risk probability and impact. Include key areas such as safety and information security.

Estimates & Forecasts

Develop estimates and forecasts of impact.

Revenue Impact

Identify and assess any impact to revenue.

Customer Impact

Document how the change or event may impact your customers.

Cost Impact

Develop cost estimates and assess overall costs of the change or event.

Time Impact

Estimate timing and duration of impact.

Process Impact

Identify impact to business processes.

Operations Impact

Impact to core operational processes.

Strategy Impact

The impact to your strategy, plans, objectives and goals.

Structural Impact

Structural impact such as organizational changes.

System Impact

Analysis of change to systems that may include technology, data, processes and integrations.

Cultural Impact

The impact to your organizational culture.

Compliance Impact

Regulatory or standards compliance issues.

Partner Impact

Identify how partners will be impacted.

Mitigation Strategy

Plan how to reduce impact.

Contingency Strategy

Plan how to deal with possible negative events.

Mitigation Plan

Identify the resources, cost and schedule required to mitigate impact.


Recommend lower impact alternatives or identify higher impact alternatives that were considered.
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