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48 Examples of Business Change

Business change is a process by which an organization restructures, improves, reinvents or shifts. This can occur as a top-down process of strategy or as pressure from employees, customers, competitors or media pundits that push a business without any intention on the part of leadership. The following are common examples of business change.
Administrative Processes (e.g. new red tape)
Business Model Transformation (e.g. shift towards recurring revenue)
Capability Maturity (increasingly robust / formal / optimized capacities)
Communication Change (e.g. regular skip level meetings)
Compliance to Regulations / Standards
Cost Reduction
Culture Change (e.g. shift towards/away from political activism in the workplace)
Delayering (flattening a hierarchy)
Digital Transformation (e.g. move to digital advertising)
Entering New Markets
Existing Markets
External Platforms (shift from internal to external technology)
Financial Strengthening / Deterioration
Headcount Growth (hiring many new employees)
Internal Competition (e.g. IT teams compete for internal work)
Leadership Change
Location Changes (e.g. moving headquarters)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Mission Change (e.g. shift to environmental goals)
Modernization (e.g. retiring a legacy system)
New Business Metrics / Ways of Evaluating Business
New Performance Objectives / Ways of Evaluating Employee Performance
Office Design
Office Politics (e.g. two major teams stop cooperating)
Policy Change
Power Shifts (e.g. head of HR is sidelined in favor of business teams)
Process Improvement (slow change to processes)
Process Innovation (transformational change to a business process)
Process Reengineering (designed change to processes)
Product Development
Research Breakthroughs / Innovation
Restructuring (changes to departments / teams)
Retiring Products
Retrenchment (a major exit from a business activity)
Roles & Responsibilities
Sales Model (e.g. shift to ecommerce from person-to-person sales)
Service Model (e.g. shift to high touch service from self-serve)
Shift From Employees To Contractors / Freelancers
Systems / Automation
Technology Change (e.g. new operating system on employee laptops)
Transition from products to services.
Work From Home / Work From Office
Working Conditions (e.g. shift towards a safety culture)
Overview: Business Change
A process by which an organization restructures, improves, reinvents or shifts.
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