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15 Examples of Change Planning

Change planning is the preparation that's involved in leading major initiatives of change. This includes articulation of strategy, identification of stakeholders and analysis of readiness, impact and risk. The basic idea is to anticipate objections to change in order to handle these objections and push change forward. The following are basic examples of the change planning process.

Strategy Formation

Identify vision, mission and strategy.

Change Scope

Delineate the scope of the change.

Change Roadmap

Sketch out a vision for how the entire strategy will eventually be achieved.

Change Goals

Articulate the measurable objectives of the change.

Change Outcomes

Identify how the success or failure of the change will be evaluated and measured including key performance indicators.

Change Milestones

Identify key milestones in the change that will be opportunities to celebrate successes and recognize agents of change.

Stakeholder Identification

Map out who is to be responsible, accountable, consulted or informed.

Stakeholder Analysis

Identify the perspectives of stakeholders and plan to handle objections to the change.

Change Roles

Identify sponsors and assign people to lead change.

Change Readiness Assessment

Identify the challenges that the organization will face in achieving the change.

Change Impact Assessment

Assess the impact of the change on the organization including processes, systems, people, culture and organizational structure.

Change Risk

Identify change execution risks to be incorporated in project risk management.

Communication Plan

A plan for pitching the change, engaging stakeholders, incorporating their feedback and addressing their concerns. This plan can include progression from feedback to steps where stakeholders are asked to demonstrate that they are on board with the change such as sign-off.

Change Management Process

Identify how change management will lead throughout the entire change to sideline resistance, clear issues and support agents of change.

Training & Development

Identify training and competency requirements.
Change planning is a change management process that is distinct from project planning that prepares to implement change.
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