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14 Examples of Change Analysis

Change analysis is the process of evaluating, framing and structuring a proposal for change. This includes everything from a quick analysis of a change request to full proposals and business cases for a program or project. The following are basic examples of change analysis.

Change Identification

Identify a change that you will sponsor.

Change Rationale

Document the reason for the change.

Scope Definition

Specify what is in and out of scope.

Change Alternatives

Document alternatives to the change that were considered but ruled out.

Assumptions & Constraints

Document assumptions and constraints that are the basis for the change analysis.

Stakeholder Identification

Identify stakeholders to be responsible, accountable, consulted or informed about the change.

Impact Analysis

Identify the impact of the change on teams, processes, systems, customers, revenue and reputation.

Risk Assessment

Identify risks and assess their probability, impact and timing.

Cost and Schedule Estimates

Develop cost and schedule estimates.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Financial analysis of risk-reward.

Change Management Planning

Identify the organizational challenges associated with the change and how they will be managed.

Business Case

Develop a proposal for the change that includes all of the above.

Change Plan

Create a plan for implementing the change.

Change Communication

Communicate your analysis and incorporate feedback.
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