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21 Examples of Business Expansion

Business expansion is business growth that is achieved by expanding the scope of your products, services or distribution. This can be achieved organically by investing in your business or inorganically by external means such as acquisitions.
Backward integration
Co-branding initiatives
Distribution partnerships
Entering new industries
Expanding your sales team
Forward integration
Geographic expansion
Horizontal expansion
International expansion
Joint ventures
Licensing agreements
New channels such as a mobile app
New products
New retail locations
New services
Product line extension
Sales partnerships
Vertical expansion
Horizontal expansion involves offering new products and services at the same level of the value chain. For example, a pencil company that launches a pen product.
Vertical expansion involves entering new levels of the value chain such as a pencil company that opens its own retail shops.
Forward integration is vertical expansion in the direction of the customer such as a wood company that starts making pencils.
Backward integration is vertical expansion in the opposite direction of the customer such as a pencil company that starts producing its own wood.


Growing revenue by improving your existing marketing, sales, products and services is growth but isn't viewed as expansion.
Sales and promotions
Improving quality
Improving customer experience
Improving conversion rate
Improving customer loyalty
Increasing sales win rate
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