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Customer Service

34 Examples of Service Support

Service support is a service that supports other services. This is part of customer service but can also be provided to internal users as part of service desk. Service support handles incidents, complaints and service outages. They also provide regular support services such as helping a customer to update their account. The following are common examples of service support.
Customer onboarding
Customer feedback
Training for customers and users
Login issues and password reset
Service requests
Complaint resolution
Incident management
Problem management
Customer assistance
Service assistance – helping to use
Order placement assistance
Order tracking
Service cancellation
Billing inquiries
Return and refund processing
Account management support
Technical support
Loyalty program assistance
Service customization support
User account troubleshooting
Change of customer information
Account configuration
Service outages
Service plan changes
Customer advocacy
Account administration
Service recovery – turning around customer dissatisfaction
Remote assistance
Service level monitoring
Customer satisfaction measurement
Customer surveys
Customer retention
Service sales such as upgrades
Self-service resources and tools
Service support can be provided to customers as part of customer service.
Where service support it is provided to internal users it is typically known as service desk.
Service support is commonly offered through multiple channels and can include self-service options.
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