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Fashion is any element of material culture that conveys the visual style and identity of a person. This can signal social status, trend awareness or inclusion in socioeconomic groups, traditional cultures or subcultures. Fashion can also signal individualism and be a source of creative expression. The following are illustrative examples of fashion.
Bridal couture
Business attire
Casual wear
Country & western styles
Cultural fashions
Editorial fashion
Fast fashion
Formal wear
Haute couture
High fashion
Hipster fashions
Historical fashions such as Victorian fashions
Luxury streetwear
Makeup styles
Maternity fashion
Minimalist fashion
Preppy fashion
Red carpet fashions
Retro fashion
Runway fashion
Seasonal fashions
Street styles
Subculture fashions such as hip-hop fashions
Timeless classics
Traditional fashion
Urban fashion
Vintage fashion
Editorial fashion is produced for magazines and advertisements and isn't necessarily sold to customers. Likewise, runway fashions displayed at fashion shows aren't always sold to customers but are more of a promotional thing as an expression of the style of a brand or designer.
Red carpet fashions are designed to be worn at a media events such as an awards show.
Fast fashions are brands that are sold cheaply at scale, often on a global basis.
Haute couture is high fashion that is custom designed and tailored.
Cultural fashions include things like dance costumes for a traditional festival.
Normcore is a humble and pragmatic aesthetic that is unremarkable, plain and ordinary but also somewhat on the edge of being preppy. For instance, you might be able to get into a good restaurant wearing normcore because it feels somewhat stylish somehow.
Hipster fashions are youth fashions that are supposed to be ironic along the spirit of "Isn't it ironic that someone like me would wear something like this."
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