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Fluid vs Crystallized Intelligence

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Crystallized intelligence is the ability to use knowledge and experience. Fluid intelligence is the ability to solve new problems independently of knowledge or experience.
Generally speaking, crystallized intelligence often results from fluid intelligence. For example, a child typically experiments with things in order to understand them. As a person gains experience, their crystallized intelligence grows. Abilities associated with intelligence such as mathematics or language are mostly crystallized abilities by the time a person becomes an adult.
Overview: Fluid Intelligence vs Crystallized Intelligence
Fluid Intelligence Definition
The ability to understand new situations and solve novel problems without use of existing knowledge and experience.
Crystallized Intelligence Definition
The ability to use knowledge and experience.
Examples of Fluid Intelligence
Acquiring new skills
Solving new problems and creating new things
Imagination and creativity
Examples of Crystallized Intelligence
Speaking in your native language
Processes and rules
Repeating techniques that have worked in the past.
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