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16 Examples of Fashion Marketing

Fashion marketing is the end-to-end process of selling clothing, accessories, footwear and other fashions. This is an extremely broad area that includes everything from fashion design to customer experience. The following are common elements of fashion marketing.


Developing a valuable identity for products in a competitive market. Fashion brands may be based on an abstract brand name or the name of a fashion designer. Branding is largely a process of building brand recognition and brand image with promotion.

Market Research

Developing an understanding of your target market, competition and fashion trends.

Fashion Design

In the fashion industry, product development is either based on analysis of trends or the creative talents of a designer. In other words, fashion brands either follow trends or create them.


The process of generating interest in your brand and products including advertising and events. For example, a brand that participates in a fashion week in order to generate publicity.

Media Marketing

The creation and publication of promotional media such as a look book.

Public Relations

Managing relationships with the media and your external stakeholders.


Taking steps to have a positive impact on people and planet. For example, making sure that your manufacturing is fair and doesn't pollute the environment.


Distribution is the process of getting your products in front of customers and delivering your obligations to them such as returns.


The process of setting prices. For example, a luxury brand that restricts supply and sets premium prices or a fast fashion retailer who implements price discrimination with coupons.

Integrating Marketing

The process of aligning activities in different areas such as a sale that requires coordination of promotion, merchandising, pricing and distribution.


Promoting and selling goods through digital channels such as your mobile app and website.


Selling products from a physical shop.


Merchandising is the process of designing locations where your products are displayed such as shops. For example, the design of display windows at a flagship location.


The process of engaging the customer and closing sales.

Customer Relationships

The process of building and sustaining relationships with customers such as a shop that knows half its visitors by name because they have provided good service and earned repeat business.

Customer Experience

The design and implementation of the end-to-end customer experience. This includes every interaction between you and the customer. For example, the experience of unboxing an ecommerce order.
Overview: Fashion Marketing
The end-to-end process of selling clothing, accessories, footwear and other fashions.
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