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22 Types of Fashion Business

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Fashion is a large and diverse industry that supports a range of business models. The following are common types of fashion business.


Brands may focus on areas such as fashion design and marketing or may operate the entire end-to-end process of manufacturing and distributing fashions to customers.


Retail shops may design their own items or act as fashion buyers that focus on areas such as logistics, marketing, sales and retail operations.

Fast Fashion

Firms that are able to identify current fashion trends and bring them to market quickly. This often means operating an end-to-end process of design, manufacture, logistics, marketing, retail and ecommerce.


Marketing, selling and offering services such as custom tailoring through electronic channels.

Haute Couture

Brands and individual designers who offer high end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish. Haute couture is a legally protected term, particularly in France. This means that the French government must recognize you as a "true haute couture house" to use the term in marketing.

Bespoke Tailoring

An item of clothing that is designed for the customer in a consultation. Implies a floating design as opposed to a pattern.


Clothing that is customized for a customer from a standard base pattern.

Traditional Fashion

Items designed and made according to traditional methods such as Japanese kimono or Scottish kilt.

Import & Wholesale

Importing fashions and selling them to local retailers or end customers.


Manufacturing textiles, clothing and accessories.


Designing, manufacturing and marketing sportswear tends to be its own industry.


In many cases, fashion brands offer footwear. Nevertheless, brands that specialize in footwear or sportswear tend to dominate the market.


Cosmetics are considered a component of the fashion industry. This includes products such as makeup, beauty products, perfume and cologne.


Accessories include anything that is thought to contribute to fashion and beauty. This includes things you wear such as belts, ties, hats and eyewear. It also includes things you carry such as electronic accessories and bags.

Watches & Jewelry

A special category of durable accessory that may include precious metals, diamonds and gemstones in their design.

Bridal Wear

Wedding dresses are a major industry on their own.


Costumes for parties, cultural events and performances.

Fashion Media

Fashion magazines and blogs.


Advertising agencies and media services.


Fashion events such as fashion weeks have a large economic footprint and support businesses in areas such as event management, photography and modeling.


Academic institutions related to fashion professions such as fashion design, makeup artists and dressmaking.


The secondary market for accessories and clothing such as vintage clothing shops.
Overview: Fashion Business
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