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30 Examples of Fashion Goods

 , February 23, 2019
Fashion goods are products and services related to clothing and other things that people wear. The following are common types of fashion goods.


The materials that are used to make clothing such as cotton, rayon and leather.


Women's, men's and children's clothing.


Substances that are worn or used to alter the appearance or fragrance of a person such as make-up, body lotions, hairstyling products and perfume.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Fast moving consumer goods are products that don't last long such that consumers must regularly buy more. A limited number of fashion items such as socks and cosmetics such as shampoo fall into this category of goods.

Fashion Accessories

Items that contribute to the look or style of an outfit such as watches, handbags, wallets, umbrellas, ties, belts, gloves and hats.


Small decorative items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and cufflinks. Jewellery is designed to last and is often made using precious metals, gemstones, amber and other unique and/or expensive materials. Relatively inexpensive jewellery that is not designed to endure time is known as costume jewelry.


Clothing and protective gear for sports and leisure activities such as swimsuits, snowboarding goggles or golf pants.


Shoes, boots, sandals, slippers and other footwear.

Formal Wear

Formal wear such as white tie, black tie and evening gowns.

Bridal Wear

Wedding dresses and other clothing designed for a wedding ceremony.


Services that offer custom-fitted clothing such as suits, shirts and trousers.

Bespoke Tailoring

Services that create clothing to customer specifications. This often involves a guided consultation based on existing designs.

Haute Couture

High-end fashion created by a reputable fashion house for a customer. Haute couture fashion houses present original designs to the public each season and create made-to-order designs for private clients.


Services that sell ready to wear or mass customized fashions from a physical shop.


Services that sell fashion goods using digital tools such as mobile apps and websites.

Traditional Clothing

Traditional clothing including formal wear, ceremonial dress, daily wear and professional attire. For example, informal yukata that are commonly worn to summer events in Japan such as festivals and fireworks displays.


Clothing designed for a profession, organization or activity.


Costumes for parties, traditional holidays, cosplay, mascots, events, theatre, television and film production.


The rental of clothing such as costumes, traditional clothing and formal wear.

Beauty Services

Services that provide cosmetic treatments such as hair salons, beauty parlors and spas.

Cleaning & Repair

Services that provide cleaning, maintenance and repair of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories.


Products and services that support diy fashion enthusiasts. For example, a shop that sells fabrics and sewing supplies.

Machines & Equipment

Fashion related consumer durables and business machines such as sewing machines.


Reuse of clothing such as an ecommerce site that sells secondhand and vintage clothing.


Services that recycle old clothing to produce textiles and other materials. This may be done to reduce the environmental impact of clothing related waste.

Consumer Services

Other fashion related services for consumers such as a personal shopper or subscription box service. For example, a service that sends subscribers samples of cosmetics each month for a recurring fee.

Business Services

Fashion related business services such as a fashion photographer or modeling agency.


Fashion events such as a fashion show or fashion week.

Media & Publications

Fashion related media such as a fashion blog or magazine.


Fashion related education such as a fashion design school or fashion marketing program.
Overview: Fashion Goods
DefinitionProducts and services related to clothing and other things that people wear.
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