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84 Examples of Personal Projects

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Personal projects are projects that you conceive, initiate and direct. This can involve cooperation with others but is generally a small scale thing. Personal projects can be creative, productive, educational or can be oriented to a goal such as solving a problem, doing good for others, achieving a lifestyle or improving yourself. The following are common examples of personal projects.

Creative Projects

Pursuits that benefit from original thought. This includes areas such as arts, crafts, design, writing, culinary arts and performing art.

DIY Projects

Producing value yourself that is usually created by professionals or the industry economy. This can include everything from growing your own vegetables to building your own house. DIY includes diverse subcultures such as cosplayers, minimalists and reuse enthusiasts.

Media Projects

Historically, the media was controlled by large firms such as newspaper companies or television networks. The internet changed this whereby individuals can reach the world with creative or informational content. Personal or small scale production of media has become a big movement that challenges traditional media production companies.

Technology Projects

Building or developing technology or using technology to create things. This can include the development of things in games and virtual worlds.

Learning Projects

The pursuit of knowledge including studying, research, analysis and hobbies that involve learning such as astronomy.


Collecting things of value or interest. This often involves much learning and plays a role in preserving and cataloging artifacts.

Other Personal Projects

Other types of personal project including community, environmental or entrepreneurial projects. These can involve pursuit of knowledge, doing good or hobby related initiatives.

Personal Projects on a Resume

In some cases, people decide to list personal projects on a resume either because they have done something particularly impressive or because they lack work experience and want to communicate independent experience that may be relevant to a job. This can be listed on a resume under an appropriate heading such as "Relevant Experience" or "Personal Projects." This should be handled with care whereby you make it clear that your personal projects have never conflicted with the interests of your employers.


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