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Design Thinking

What is Self-Direction?

 , December 11, 2015 updated on August 01, 2018
Self-direction is an ability and tendency to act without being told what to do. It's considered a soft skill that is a basis for leadership. It is also associated with productivity, research, creativity and decision making.

Why Self-Direction is Valuable

Organizational cultures differ widely in the amount of direction that is provided to employees. Where one firm will carefully control the actions of employees, another will expect employees to find their own direction. It can be difficult for employees to make the transition from a position that is carefully constrained to one that is more open-ended. As such, self direction is considered a key skill for many positions.
Overview: Self Direction
TypeSoft Skills
DefinitionAn ability to act without direction.
ValueA cornerstone of leadership, productivity and creativity.
An essential skill for firms whose organizational culture expects employees to find their own solutions to problems and negotiate their own path.
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