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9 Examples of Personal Resilience

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Personal resilience is the ability to remain productive and positive when faced with stress, uncertainty and change. It is related to personality but can be learned and improved over time. The following are illustrative examples of personal resilience.


Looking for the positive aspects of problems. For example, the idea that a problem often triggers improvements or perhaps great leaps forward.

Tolerance for Disagreement

Participating in arguments and political struggles without becoming overly emotional.

Thick Skin

Dealing with unfairness, rejection and criticism in some reasonable way. For example, a salesperson who bounces from rejection to rejection with no loss of enthusiasm.


Finding a way through a large number of problems and failures to achieve an objective. It is common for employees to stop at the first obstacle encountered. As such, persistence can be a valuable talent.

Big Picture Thinking

The ability to see problems in context such that you don't worry too much about problems that seem large now but that may be meaningless to the big picture.


Your mood and behavior isn't easily changed by others. This doesn't necessarily imply that you need to be cold, remote and emotionless. Rather, that you don't easily get pulled into other people's negativity.

Time Management

Remaining productive under stress. For example, an employee who can maintain business as usual during a period of turbulent change such as a takeover.

Tolerance for Ambiguity

Making decisions and moving ahead in an uncertain environment.

Agent of Change

Making change yours as opposed to dreading, fearing and resisting change.
Overview: Personal Resilience
The ability to remain productive and positive when faced with stress, uncertainty and change.
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