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A journal is an free-format personal writing space where you may record thoughts, impressions, goals, plans, creative writing, lists, designs, art and anything else that you feel like expressing. The following are prompts that are intended to inspire a journal entries in each of these areas.
A note for future you.
A note to past you.
A place you'd like to visit / live.
A song you haven't heard for a long time and what it used to mean to you.
A time that you changed your mind about something.
A time you took something too personally.
A time you were brave.
An original recipe you've developed.
Are you a realist / optimist / pessimist?
Assumptions people make that you think are wrong.
Autumn things
Books you want to read.
Bucket lists
Business ideas
Career strategy - e.g. a plan to get a promotion
Checklists - e.g. things you need to pack
Childhood heroes
Commonly accepted ideas that you disagree with.
Design thinking - designing steps / tools / systems for accomplishing things
Developing personal definitions of things.
Diy ideas / designs
Do negative emotions / thoughts serve a purpose?
Do people and plants form some type of bond?
Do people need nature?
Do you suppose aliens exist?
Exercise routines
Experiments you've conducted.
Explain a color to someone who can't see.
Favorite animals
Favorite childhood toy
Funny things your kid said recently.
Future hobbies
Future plans / goals
Games you played with your kids recently.
Healthy eating tracker
How to convince others of things.
How to make the world a better place.
How to survive a zombie apocalypse.
How you improved today.
How you overcome procrastination.
How you've changed this year.
How you've matured.
If you could change one thing about the world.
Interesting conversations you've had.
Investment strategy
Is there any such thing as conditional love?
Is there anything exciting about the weather?
Is there such thing as being too honest?
Is thinking about the past / future a waste of time?
Milestones of your life
Minimalism - simplifying things
Movie lists
New experiences you've had.
New foods you've tried.
New people you've met.
Nostalgia for the future.
Notes about spending / saving / overspending / debt
Odd trivia and facts you've discovered.
Organizing / decluttering ideas
Original motivational phrases you use.
Overcoming fears
People who have helped you.
People you admire.
People you miss.
People you want to help.
Political participation / protests / views on recent issues
Productivity ideas
Projects you're working on.
Questions that no one can answer.
Random thoughts about people.
Random thoughts about technology.
Random thoughts about yourself.
Recent debates / arguments
Recent dreams
Recent emotions & mood
Recent moments you want to remember in the future.
Schedules & itineraries
Smells that trigger memories.
Something that surprised you recently.
Song lists
Spring things
Stories about your dog, cat or pet.
Stories about your pet.
Strengths you want to cultivate / use.
Summer things
Task lists
The best choice you've ever made.
The best gift you've given / received.
The best song ever written.
The best words in second / foreign languages.
The best words in the English language.
The best/worst actor.
The difference between self-fulfillment and happiness.
The disconnect between what you want to do and what you actually do.
The hardest thing you've had to learn.
The perfect day - what would it be?
The perfect moment.
The phases / stages of your life.
The smell of rain.
The style / technique of your favorite author.
The weirdest things you own.
Things someone should invent.
Things that made you laugh recently.
Things that you are grateful for.
Things to appreciate about rainy days.
Things you are most / least proud of.
Things you ask yourself.
Things you don't say enough.
Things you got done today.
Things you love about your family.
Things you need to be happy.
Things you need to be productive.
Things you say too often.
Things you should be doing but don't.
Things you value.
Things you will accomplish this week / month.
Things you wish you'd done differently.
Things you're terrible / good at drawing.
Things you've imagined recently.
Things you've tried that don't work.
Things you've tried that greatly improved things.
Things you've tried to do differently recently.
Thoughts about art.
Thoughts about color.
Thoughts about design.
Thoughts on the weather.
Times you misinterpreted a song / movie.
Types of people you find difficult.
Vacation ideas
Vision for your future.
Ways to calm down.
Weaknesses you want to overcome.
Wellness journal - how you have been feeling / tracking problems and solutions
What current technology will still exist 1000 years from now?
What did you get right today?
What mistakes did you make today and what will you learn from them?
What people misunderstand about you.
What people misunderstand about your generation.
What you see outside your window.
When positivity goes too far.
Who makes you laugh?
Why is time travel possible / impossible.
Winter things
Work ideas
Would you want to live forever?
Your favorite subject / class.
Your favorite teacher.
Your future lifestyle
Your nickname and how it came about.
Your predictions for the future.
Your sense of humor.

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