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27 Examples of Civic Engagement

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Civic engagement is the process of participating in the community and political life of your city and nation. This is viewed as a cornerstone of democracy whereby democracy fades where people do not participate. As such, it is viewed as a type of unofficial duty whereby civic engagement is arguably a responsibility of citizenship. The following are common examples of civic engagement.
Attending school board meetings
Community gardening
Contacting your elected representatives
Donating blood
Engaging in political dialog
Environmental clean ups
Giving to good causes
Joining local committees
Letter writing campaigns
Participating in local events
Participating in student government
Peaceful protests
Political activism
Public demonstrations
Running for public office
Serving on a jury
Supporting community organizations
Supporting political candidates
Town hall meetings
Serving as a poll worker
Voter registration drives
Joining local organizations
Joining local sports teams


Civic engagement is a cornerstone of democracy that involves political and community participation where you live.
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