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54 Examples of Personal Objectives

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Personal objectives are targets that you set for achieving things, experiencing things and improving. These can relate to any aspect of your life such as your career, social life, thinking, emotional depth, hobbies, physical and creative pursuits. Objectives are things that are immediately actionable and differ slight from goals that can be long term aspirations. The following are common examples of personal objectives.
Attend a festival or concert.
Attend a workshop or conference.
Behavioral objectives such as being nice.
Buy a house.
Buy a vacation home.
Challenge your own assumptions.
Change careers.
Complete a challenge such as a marathon.
Complete a diy project.
Cultivate your imagination.
Develop a side hustle.
Develop a talent.
Eat healthy home cooked meals.
Educational objectives such as getting into a college.
Establish habits such as listening with intent to understand.
Establish routines such as going to bed at a reasonable time.
Exercise regularly.
Express gratitude and supportive comments more regularly.
Express yourself more clearly.
Gain public speaking experience.
Get a promotion.
Get more done in a day.
Get out more.
Home improvement projects.
Improve productivity.
Improve your performance in a sport.
Investing targets.
Join a sports team.
Learn a language.
Learn a musical instrument.
Lifelong learning such as taking online courses.
Make a decision.
Make friends.
Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.
Pack a healthy lunch for work each day.
Participate in your local community more by joining clubs, activities and events.
Pursue adventure.
Pursue cultural and language immersion.
Quality time with family.
Read a book or establish a habit of reading.
Recapture your sense of freedom and playfulness.
Research topics of interest to you.
Retire early.
Review and reflect on your behavior and results at the end of each day.
Save more money.
Solve a problem.
Spend time in nature.
Start a family.
Study for several hours a day without distraction.
Support someone who needs help.
Take a sabbatical.
Travel somewhere.
Use time well.
Volunteer your talents.
Where organizations and institutions embrace the mantra of smart goals that must always be measurable, you are free as an individual to set qualitative and vague targets such as intentions.


Personal goals are objectives that you set for any aspect of your life including professional, financial, social, lifestyle, creative and recreational goals. This can include experiences you'd like to have and things you'd like to achieve. Personal goals be specific, measurable and achievable. Alternatively, they can be intentions or aspirational goals that aren't particularly specific or achievable.

Personal Goals

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