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62 Examples of Work Habits

Work habits are behaviors that you sustain day-to-day in your working life. As work habits are repeated and continued with some consistency, they greatly influence your work performance, results and satisfaction over time. The following illustrative are examples of work habits.
Handling criticism well
Not gossiping or complaining
Sending an agenda before meetings
Keeping meetings short and to the point
Prioritizing work to always be working on high value things
Taking on action items
Meeting commitments
Setting goals
Providing others with timely feedback
Documenting meeting minutes
Quickly letting people know when there’s a problem
Focusing on tasks without becoming distracted
Being friendly and social at work
Paying attention to detail
Criticizing in a constructive and positive way
Researching and learning
Listening with intent to understand
Trusting others and placing confidence in them
Being an agent of change
Arriving on time for things
Respecting other people’s time
A willingness to face political battles
A willingness to take on stressful situations
Building and sustaining relationships
Solving the root cause of problems
Building up others
Enjoying a sense of team comradery
Supporting the decisions of upper management and making them happen
Experimenting, testing and seeking data
Accepting accountability for failures or mistakes
Working with a sense of urgency
Taking initiative to be the change you want to see
Being open and flexible
Being approachable and helpful
Managing and setting expectations
Documenting decision rationales
Making timely and reasonable decisions
Planning ahead
Avoiding overthinking and overplanning
Designing-out problems
Solving problems with design thinking
Being respectful and polite
Being patient with others where it makes sense e.g. customers
Taking on responsibility
Making reasonable decisions despite ambiguity
Maintaining a professional appearance
Building upon what others say
Trying to be nice to others
Refining your work to a high standard of quality
Leading conversations
Seeking out feedback
Being honest, direct and candid
Reading the emotion behind words
Asking questions
Considering fair criticism and trying to improve
Questioning assumptions – particularly your own
Seeing the humor in situations that could have been stressful
Challenging mediocrity
Rewriting the rules
Daydreaming and cultivating the imagination
Trying to see the good and potential in others
Examine your own behavior, performance and results in a realistic light


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