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48 Examples of Personal Leadership

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Personal leadership is the capacity to set your own direction and shape your own behavior to achieve goals. This centers around a strong sense of agency and purpose whereby you have little need to follow others but rather set your own targets, make your own decisions and work productivity without being pushed. The following are common examples of personal leadership.
Decision autonomy – making decisions without support
Goal setting
Making decisions in an environment of uncertainty
Personal accountability
Personal agency – the sense that you control your results in life
Personal commitment
Personal efficacy – the ability to get things done
Mission – your why
Personal planning
Personal principles
Personal productivity
Personal responsibility
Vision – a compelling vision of your future
Willful determination – a sense of drive
Challenging your own assumptions
Clearing issues
Personal values
Scheduling your time
Quality time – blocking off time for your life
Calculated risk taking
Bias for action
Continuous learning
Daily, monthly and yearly planning
Establishing credibility
Establishing positive habits
Grit and resilience
Growth mindset
Independent action
Inner growth
Relationship building
Building a professional reputation
Goal backlog – list of things you want to do someday
Lead by example
Leadership – leading others
Shaping your role in a company
Personal accountability is the sense that you are responsible for your own result in life.
Self-motivation is the process of building up a desire to do things. Self-discipline is the ability to do things even if you don't feel like it.
As a business skill, personal leadership is more commonly known as self-direction.

Personal Leadership

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