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17 Examples of Respect

 , October 08, 2020 updated on May 31, 2023
Respect is recognition of the value of people and things. It is possible to show respect for people, animals, ecosystems, societies, cultures, traditions, organizations, creative works and things. The following are common elements of respect with examples.


Observing the peaceful processes provided by a society to resolve disputes. For example, demonstrating tolerance for different viewpoints out of respect for freedom of speech.


Paying attention to others and being mindful of them. For example, listening when someone is talking to you.


Being nice to people in a formal way. For example, saying good morning to your teachers as you arrive at school.


Trying to live up to a moral code. This can be your own set of morals or those of a group to which you belong such as a religion.


Languages often have respectful ways to say things. For example, addressing people with formal versions of their name such as "Mr. Smith" as opposed to disrespectful language such as "hey you."


Observing the norms of politeness that apply to a situation. For example, not playing with your phone when you are listening to a presentation.

Saving Face

Helping others to avoid embarrassment. For example, a teacher who steelmans a suggestion by a student that the other students mock.


Recognizing the things that you depend on that provide value to your life such as a planet, society, culture, community, family, friend, pet or creative work.


Acknowledging someone for their talents, contributions or behavior. For example, a teacher who congratulates a student on an unusually good essay in front of the entire class.

Constructive Criticism

Showing respect doesn't mean that you hold back criticism but rather that you deliver it in a positive way that doesn't put someone down.


Treating others with kindness. For example, helping an elderly person you meet on the street to solve a problem they seem to be experiencing.


Respecting the intelligence of others by granting them freedom. For example, an honor system at a school that grants students freedoms with the expectation that they live up to a code of honor.

Mono no Aware

Mono no aware is a Japanese concept that can be translated "an empathy toward things." This is a complex idea that has many facets but one element of it is a feeling of respect for nature, objects and other non-human things. For example, a feeling of respect for an old house that you grew up in.

Social Status

People strongly desire respect or attention from society known as social status. It is common for social status to be based on wealth, fame, youth, coolness, accomplishments, intelligence or appearance. Many of these are arguably a shallow type of respect or may simply represent an ability to attract attention.


Admiration is the feeling that other people are good or that you would like to be like them in some way. This goes beyond respect. For example, you may respect all people as humans but truly feel that some people are impressive and worthy of admiration.


Self-respect is the ability to admire yourself and treat yourself well. This typically occurs when you are able to align your behavior to your values and forgive yourself for failures. Self-respect also implies that you set high personal standards. For example, an individual who respects themself too much to match the poor behavior of others.


Love is the deepest form of respect whereby someone values you unconditionally and completely.
Overview: Respect
Recognition of the value of people and things.
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