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70 Examples of Courage

Courage is the capacity to face fear, difficulty and stress. This is not the lack of fear and can only exist where you head into fears. If you are simply never afraid, you can't experience courage in any meaningful way. The following are illustrative examples of courage.
Trying new things
Challenging authority
Challenging assumptions including your own
Taking risks
Facing a fear
Facing problems
Standing up for yourself
Standing up for others
Taking emotional risks such as loving others
Bouncing back from failure without loss of enthusiasm
Growing up
The confidence to retain a youthful, joyful and playful side
Taking on roles
Accepting accountability for failure
Taking on responsibility
Being someone that others can rely upon
Telling the truth
Being nice to the unpopular and socially excluded
Standing up to a bully
Helping someone who is being bullied
Challenging popular opinion and groupthink
Being yourself even where you are likely to be misunderstood
Not pandering to the expectations of others
Finding a peaceful way to resolve things
Not caring what others think where this is unimportant
Pursuit of happiness without constraint
Speaking your mind where this is productive
Having the restraint not to speak your mind where this is wrong or hurtful
Forgiving others
Asking for forgiveness
Atoning for wrong doings
Doing what you feel is right
Resisting social pressure
Challenging mediocrity and the status quo
Defending tradition where it is valuable to you
Embracing uncertainty
Deferring judgment
Giving others the benefit of a doubt
Willingness to take the lead where there is a need
Avoiding denial and facing realities
Doing things that are hard and rewarding
Demanding high standards of yourself
Looking at yourself in a realistic light without toxic positivity or negativity
Forgiving yourself
Embracing humor and the apparent absurdities of life
Giving up an unfair advantage
Avoiding the path of convenience, comfort and least resistance
Saying yes to pursue experience, connectedness and growth
Saying no to avoid wasting your time
Allowing others to influence you and lead where it makes sense
Ability to give up control
Ability to take charge where there is a need
Pushing relentlessly forward towards what you need
Public speaking
Introducing yourself
Saying brave things that could easily be criticized
Handling criticism
Willingness to stand out
Willingness to be the only one in a group who disagrees
Not allowing the negativity of others such as biases to discourage you
Willingness to change
Refusal to take unethical shortcuts
Refusal to compromise your values
Capacity to consider different perspectives
Admitting when you’re wrong
Admitting when you don’t know
Asking questions and being curious
Willingness to be the bigger person in an argument
Not falling into self-pity
Helping friends who face tragic circumstances
Courage can involve opposite behaviors. For example, the willingness to take the lead where there is a need but also the willingness to give up control to others where this makes sense. In other words, an obsessive need to lead and control isn't necessarily courage ... following, supporting and taking difficult advice can also be courageous.
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