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27 Examples of Projects

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A project is a planned and controlled change. These can create or change infrastructure, buildings, software, designs, knowledge artifacts, processes, systems, products, services or events. The following are illustrative examples of a project.
A British hotel chain that plans to open a hotel in the United States.
A bank updates a stock trading system to handle trades on a foreign market.
A contract to increase the energy efficiency of 42 buildings on a college campus.
A healthcare initiative to operationalize new radiology equipment.
A marketing campaign to support the launch of a new direct flight from Los Angeles to Amsterdam.
A non-profit initiative to test consumer products for a toxic chemical and publish results.
A research project to develop an advanced composite material for lightweight applications such as aircraft.
A restaurant chain develops a report that captures food waste data.
A state that implements a service to allow residents to renew their driver's license online.
A technology company that upgrades a security-as-a-service platform.
An art museum in Japan that launches a new temporary exhibit with works on loan from France.
An ecommerce company implements robotic systems to handle parts of its order fulfillment process.
An electronics company that develops a new data storage product.
Compliance initiatives such as a manufacturer that updates production processes to comply with new safety regulations.
Construction and operationalisation of a solar power system.
Construction of a housing development.
Construction of hard infrastructure such as a bridge.
Development of software such as a mobile app.
Environmental remediation of an industry site with polluted land.
Pre-production of a film such as a project to build a set.
Renovation of a kitchen in a house.
The architectural design of a performance theatre.
The development of a video game.
The engineering design for a new model of elevator.
The interior design for an office renovation.
The planning and management of an industry conference.
The production of a television commercial.
In many cases, the same end-project involves many projects. For example, the architectural design of a building may be its own project and the construction of a building another project.
Overview: Projects
Definition (1)
A planned and controlled change.
Definition (2)
A formally planned and managed change.
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