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64 Examples of Project Quality

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Project quality is the degree to which a project delivers to its purpose. This can be measured in terms of conformance to requirements, processes and standards. Project quality can also be measured in terms of stakeholder satisfaction and perceptions. The following are illustrative examples of project quality.

Requirements Quality

Projects are garbage-in-garbage-out such that low quality requirements cause a project to fall short of its goals. The following are common elements of requirements quality.
Relevant, achievable and realistic
Clear and unambiguous
Complete and comprehensive
Consistent and coherent
Accurate and precise
High value - meaningful to business
Prioritized and ranked
Alignment between project goals and requirements
As a set, requirements don't conflict with each other
As a set, requirements represent a valuable product

Design Quality

The fitness for purpose of your architecture and design including technical designs, user experience design and visual design.
Look and feel
Visual appeal
Error tolerance
Information architecture
System architecture
Design achieves functionality

Deliverables Quality

The quality of deliverables including the quality control process of ensuring that accepted deliverables are defect free.
Delivered to schedule
Delivered to budget
Deliverables and activities demonstrate a high standard of professionalism
Conformance to requirements
Conformance to non-functional requirements
Conformance to standards
Tested and defect free
Meets stakeholder expectations
Accepted by stakeholders

Project Quality

The quality of the project itself including the overall diligence and performance of leadership, project management, project sponsors and project teams.
Effective project leadership
Clear project objectives and goals
Well-defined and controlled project scope
Thorough project planning
Accurate estimates
Effective change management
Efficient resource allocation
Effective support from sponsor
Performance of project team
Stakeholder engagement and communication
Projects risks are identified and managed
Diligent project tracking and progress monitoring
Timely and accurate project reporting
Issues are quickly cleared
Adherence to project management processes and practices
Standards and regulatory compliance
Diligent procurement processes
Partner and supplier management
Rigorous testing and quality control
Project is cost effective
Project is delivered to schedule
Project is delivered to budget
Project achieves objectives
Project achieves outcomes

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