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33 Examples of Employee Objectives

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Employee objectives are performance targets that are agreed between an organization and an employee for a year, half-year or quarter. They are typically designed to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. The following are illustrative examples.

Executive Management

Achieve operating margins of 10% by reducing unit costs while improving quality.

Middle Management

Reduce the defect rate of quality control to 0.04% by improving manufacturing processes and systems.

Sales Management

Increase customer lifetime value to $1044 by reducing customer churn and upselling new services.

Sales Planning

Improve the sales close rate to 20% with more aggressive intake and qualification of leads.


Reduce customer churn to 1% per quarter for my accounts by touching base with customers who have recently complained of an issue.

Customer Service

Improve the customer satisfaction score for my customers by frequently visiting their table and maintaining a professional and helpful demeanor at all times.


Reduce average call resolution time to 8 minutes by carefully listening to the customer and asking questions designed to quickly identify and address issues.

Customer Experience

Improve customer satisfaction to 84% by addressing the 5 most common customer complaints about our service including improvements to the usability of the order history page.


Deliver all projects on time with client satisfaction of at least 77% by getting concepts in front of clients early and often.


Achieve an average development velocity of 10 story points per sprint.

Marketing Strategy

Develop a distribution strategy that allows us to reduce average delivery time to 2 days for ecommerce orders.

Brand Management

Improve top of mind brand awareness to 60% by improving the reach of promotional activities to 95% of our target audience.

Marketing Management

Reduce customer acquisition cost to $24 by extending our direct mail campaign to all regions.


Generate demand of at least $14 million for the launch of our new ice cream product by efficiently allocating the promotional budget of 240k.


Boost same store sales by 2% with more aggressive loss leader offers that increase traffic by at least 3%.


Develop and test a minimum of 14 new ideas with a least one product launch with time to volume of six months for 100,000 units.

Product Management

Improve the ranking of our organic lip gloss to at least 80% positive on major ecommerce platforms by cutting unpopular flavors and improving the product.

Human Resources

Launch a program to hire new graduates by engaging universities and attending job fairs. Measurement: fill 100% of positions posted by business units, 90% of new hires stay with company at least 2 years.

Information Technology

Improve user satisfaction with the sales system to 70% by improving the quality of customer and contact data.


Improve the uptime of the sales system to 99.99% by fixing failover issues.


Improve the mean time to repair for incidents to 2 hours by creating a troubleshooting document that captures common problems and how to fix them.

Project Management

Deliver the sales system migration project with the allocated time and budget. Measurements: client satisfaction greater than 70%, budget variance less than 10%, schedule variance less than 5%.

Project Work

Deliver the design for the sales system migration project. Measurements: deliverables on time, successful launch of project, stakeholder feedback.

Business Processes

Improve the turnaround time of customer billing inquiries to 1 day by improving the process.


Improve business unit satisfaction with the IT change request process by launching a tool and improving the transparency of the review process. Measurement: 55% business unit satisfaction, current satisfaction is 11%.


Reduce the impact of a potential data leak by encrypting sensitive customer data in all databases. Measurement: 70% of sensitive data encrypted company-wide by the end of the third quarter.


Improve the quality of our kid's inline skating products by sourcing reliable parts to replace parts that have been the source of complaints and low reviews. Measurement: improve ratings of new product release to 80% from current rating of 48%.

Team Management

Improve the employee satisfaction of the team to 66% from the current 44% with a workshop that identifies improvements to our culture.


Mentor junior members of the team and help them to improve their coding skills. Measurement: reduce the rate of low quality deliverables to 14% from 28%.


Improve the output of the design team to $700,000 / month in client fees by cutting back on working from home and offering an office redesign with more creative spaces and spots for quiet work.


Increase the throughput of the main production line to 2000/units an hour by addressing key bottlenecks such as maintenance issues.


Reduce licensing costs by migrating employee laptops to linux. Measurement: 30% of target devices migrated representing annual recurring savings of $300,000. Target date: end of Q2.

Professional Development

Development public speaking and communication skills by attending training and taking more of a leadership role within the team by presenting our projects and results to stakeholders. Measurement: successful completion of training, deliver at least 2 presentations to stakeholders.
Overview: Employee Objectives
Performance targets that are agreed between an organization and an employee for a year, half-year or quarter.
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