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41 Examples of Project Quality Management

Project quality management is the process of ensuring that a project delivers accurately and precisely to requirements, standards and expectations. Quality is the value of something. In the context of a project, quality is conformance to requirements and applicable standards. In a pragmatic sense, quality is also about managing and meeting stakeholder expectations. The following are examples of project quality management.

Quality Planning

Documenting and communicating what you will do to achieve quality. This includes the identification of non-functional requirements that specify the quality of products, deliverables and activities.
Quality goals and objectives
Identify requirements including non-functional and quality requirements.
Identify quality standards
Quality roles & responsibilities
Quality processes
Quality activities
Quality metrics and KPIs
Quality communications and reporting
Quality improvement process

Quality Assurance

Project quality assurance is the end-to-end process of managing the quality of a project and its deliverables. This considers the realities of stakeholder satisfaction or dissatisfaction with quality and goes beyond mere conformance to test cases. Project quality assurance may address structural problems, design issues and the root cause of quality issues.
Identify and implement preventative actions
Monitor quality control
Report quality metrics
Identify and manage quality issues
Implement corrective actions
Engage stakeholders regarding quality
Monitor quality of project processes
Monitor quality of deliverables
Quality audits
Manage quality documentation and records
Verify compliance with quality standards and requirements
Work to improve quality
Communicate quality status and metrics

Quality Control

Project quality control validates that project activities and deliverables conform to requirements and standards.
Quality control plan
Perform inspections, tests and measurements
Quality sampling
Functional testing
User acceptance testing
Analyze testing results
Document defects
Test fixes and workarounds
Regression testing
Report quality metrics
Communicate quality control status

Quality Improvement

Demonstrating a culture of improvement whereby a project learns and adapts to continuously improve.
Stakeholder feedback
Addressing the root cause of issues
Improving processes
Improving deliverables
Lessons learned
Improving requirements
Adapting project in response to quality failures
Adapting project in response to real world feedback
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