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24 Examples of Project Scope (2024)

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Project scope is the work that will be delivered by a project. This is carefully documented and controlled such that changes to scope require a reevaluation of dependencies, budget, timeline and feasibility. The following are illustrative examples of project scope.

Scope Descriptions

Textual explanations of what will be delivered. These make no assumptions such that they may state things that stakeholders view as obvious.
The project will deliver a house at address _____ ...
The project will deliver a mobile app that will be available for the ___ platform ...
The project will provide training to IT operations teams that will support the system ...
The project will update the settlement system to improve security ...

In-Scope Requirements

Scope is primarily based on requirements. The high level requirements that will be delivered by a project are typically listed in a scope statement as "In Scope." Scope statements may link to detailed requirements and non-functional requirements if these exist and may note requirements that have been documented but prioritized as out-of-scope for a project or project phase. The following are examples of high level requirements.
Customers will be able to view their points on the order page.
The house with comply with all local building standards.
The system will reject orders where the price is 10% or more below or above the current market price.
Units will have wooden doors that are 90-minute fire rated.


Scope documents explicitly state things that the project will not deliver. This can be based on requirements that were not prioritized and anything that came up in discussions that never became a requirement. It is a good practice to put significant effort into brainstorming out-of-scope items to defeat unjustified assumptions and overly broad interpretations.
Existing databases will be used. Evaluation of data quality and initiatives to improve data quality are out of scope.
Landscaping will not be completed and the grounds around the house will be completely unfinished.
The mobile app will not be available for ____ devices.
The system will not integrate with the customer relationship management platform.


Scope includes any work that will be delivered.
Architectural Plans
Risk Management Plan
Software Design
User Experience Design

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria define the tests that will be used to confirm the delivered work. These are part of scope as you need stakeholders to accept work to agree that it is completed.
A building inspection by an independent third party selected by the client that finds no issues with the house.
Customer service agents will be able to unlock accounts from the "Customer Account" screen.
If the user gets the password wrong 5 times the account will be locked for 24 hours.
The "cancel" button will clear all fields on the trading form.


Scope includes a set of assumptions that state conditions and resources upon which the scope depends.
Access to the site will not be obstructed by any process, regulation, dispute or action of a neighbor.
The business benefits stated in the business case are dependent on market conditions that are beyond the control of the project team. The project will be delivered to requirements without any guarantee of business results.
The project sponsor will clarify requirements and clear issues in a timely manner.
The project will not purchase any third party software licenses. It is assumed that all licenses are available and sufficient.
Overview: Project Scope
The work that will be delivered by a project.
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