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30 Examples of Project Management

Project management is the planning, direction and control of a project. This involves stages such as planning, initiation, project execution, monitoring and project close that bring a project from concept to reality. The following are common examples of project management.
Project management for advertising campaigns and productions such as a television commercial.
An approach to project management that breaks projects into quick cycles known as spirits. For example, a mobile app development team that ships updates every month.
Project management for architectural design projects and architectural oversight of construction projects.
Business Development
Projects for expanding a business such as a Japanese convenience store chain that expands into Germany with three test locations.
Business Expansion
Scaling a business such as managing the development, construction and operationalisation of new fast food restaurants.
Projects that bring a firm into compliance with laws and regulations such as a manufacturer that brings in processes to comply with workplace safety laws.
Managing construction projects such as building a library.
Design projects such as designing chairs for a global retail chain.
Energy Projects
Development of energy projects such as a solar panel system on the roof of an airport.
Engineering Projects
The design of technologically advanced products such as an air conditioner, aircraft or bridge.
Environmental Remediation
Cleaning up environmental damage such as removing toxic chemicals from an industrial site or military base.
Event Planning
Event planning is essentially project management. For example, a large firm that plans a media event such as an investor's day.
Film Production
Delivering elements of a film in pre-production, production and post-production. For example, management of set construction.
Game Development
The development of video games and updates to video games.
Healthcare projects in areas such as systems, construction, processes, compliance or operationalizing equipment.
Information Technology
Projects for creating and updating systems and applications such as adding a new product to a system that settles trades for an investment bank.
Infrastructure Projects
Public works and other infrastructure projects such as building a bridge.
Market Research
Managing the development of commercial knowledge such as analysis for house builder that indicates what markets are likely to generate the highest returns.
Marketing projects such as a marketing campaign to support the launch of a new vehicle.
Project management for nonprofits includes management of fundraising campaigns and projects that put this money to work.
Process Improvement
The re-engineering of business processes such as an ecommerce order fulfillment process.
Product Development
Projects that develop products and services such as a new streaming media service.
Product Launches
Launching a product may be a separate project such as a project to launch a new solar panel product to the European market.
Program Management
Program management is the management of multiple related projects such as a bank that is changing 50 systems for compliance reasons.
The development and launch of reporting such a report that will sample the packaging efficiency of ecommerce orders.
The development of new knowledge such as research into new materials for battery systems.
Retrenchment is the process of closing parts of a business. For example, a project to phase out manufacturing of a legacy technology.
Software Projects
The development of software such as a project to create a new mobile app for a bank.
Training & Development
Developing training materials and programs such as a technology company that develops training materials for onboarding new staff.
An approach to project management that includes relatively long phases. For example, a bank that spends 8 months gathering requirements and planning for a systems project.

Project Management

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